Sunday, October 23, 2016

Maya's birth story

Well we are sooooooo happy that Maya Belen is finally here with us!! This 9 months went by way too slow, the last few weeks were horrible and I couldn’t wait anymore for her to get here and now she is! So for those of you who would like to know her birth story, here it is…
She was born on October 15th. A week before that I saw the Dr. and he said that her birth was so close, he said “get your hospital bag ready because it’s going to happened very soon” We came home all excited to hear what he had said. I put my diaper bag together with the car seat so when the time came Mike could just grab the stuff and we would be on our way. Well the days went by and still NOTHING. I had another appointment on Friday the 14th and when the dr. saw me he said he was surprised I was still pregnant. After he checked me he said I was dilating at 3 and asked if I wanted him to break some membranes to get labor going. My answer YES PLEEEEEASE!!! After he broke the membranes he said I should start feeling bigger contractions in a couple of hours, “see you later” he said. We came home all exited that the day had come. Hours went by and still nothing, we went out for a couple of walks, we had been walking a lot the last few days, and we even went up the hill. I felt a few contractions but nothing I would go to the hospital for. The dr. had said that if the contractions didn’t start even after he had broken the membranes to just go to the hospital anyways and I could be induced. I really wanted everything to happen on its own so I told Mike we were not going to go unless I was already having big contractions. I didn’t sleep one bit, I was praying that I was going to feel big contractions during the night and would still get to go to the hospital that night. Saturday at 6am I was lying in bed crying that my back hurt so much, I hadn’t slept for a few nights and I was just feeling miserable so I decided to head over to the hospital and induce labor.

I started giving the kids showers so that they could be ready for the day. I woke up Mike and let him know what I had decided. We left the house by 8am and got to the hospital around 8.30. The nurse said she had been expecting me to get there during the night and everything was ready for me. She started the process by giving me an enema and then contacted the dr. to see what kind of medication and how much she could give me. She started the IV right away at 10 drops per minute. The Dr. got there around 10am and went to check on me. I was then dilating at 4 but my contractions were still very small. The Dr. broke membranes again and raised the medication to 15 drops per minute and said he would be back in about an hour. I started walking around the hospital hoping it would help. My contractions started to be every 4-5 minutes but still not strong. Dr. came back to check on me around 11am and this time he said he would break all of the membranes so he did. By the time all of this was over it was already 11.15 am. As soon as the dr. did that my contractions started to get so strong and every 2 minutes, then 1 minute. I felt my water break so I told Mike to let the nurse know. The nurse came in and checked me then she ran to get the dr. baby was coming out!!! Dr got there within minutes and checked me again he said I was at 8 but I needed to get to the delivery room because baby was coming out. Now this is the only bad part of this experience. I had to get off my bed and get into a wheelchair to get to the delivery room. Once in the delivery room I had to step into a stool to get into the bed. I finally did and once I got on the bed the bed had no bars or nothing to hold on from, I put my hands under the bed and held on from underneath the bed. I kept reaching out to see if Mike could hold my hand but he wasn’t there yet because he had to go and put special clothes on. The dr. started to tell me to not push yet, he wasn’t ready, Mike wasn’t ready, and nobody was ready except Maya who wanted to greet the world already. The dr. was trying to put his clothes on and get me ready to deliver, I wasn’t pushing but man that girl did not want to wait anymore and by the way how in the world can you stop yourself from pushing?? Impossible… Mike finally got there and held my hand, the dr. sat down ready to get the work done and boom Maya’s head was out, another push he said and boom she was completely out… I just wanted to get up and go out running haha, I was soooooo happy all of it was over. One great thing here is that a pediatrician was there and as soon as Maya came out my dr. gave her to him and he started checking on her, he is the one who cleaned her off, weighed her, and measured her and everything that had to do with her. Mike says that after she was all ready the dr. asked him if it was ok to say a prayer thanking that Maya was healthy. This would probably not happen in the states Mike said, but we appreciated it. I could hear Maya crying so bad for like 5 minutes then the dr. came to place her on my chest so I could see her before they took her to nursery, as soon as she got close to me she stopped crying, it was the sweetest thing ever. They had to take her and keep her in a incubator for about an hour.

The kids looove her. Xavion doesn’t show much but we know he is excited to have a new sister. Layla is crazy about having a sister, she is a little too excited though that I’m afraid to live her alone with Maya. Colton just wants to be kissing her all the time, he gets so excited when her eyes are open. It’s pretty cute to see him loving her so much.
I still cant believe she is here and that we now have 4 children... I feel old haha. We are loving having a new baby in the house. The have the sweetest spirit and makes us all feel so happy.
We haven't take many pictures and the one we have we have already posted on facebook so here is just a couple and more will come later :D.

Do you see that smile??? how not to be crazy about her :D

This is our whole day with Colton now. He kisses her a thousand times a day and I better be there quick when she starts to cry or he will not be happy haha.

This is when they came to see me at the hospital. He just needed to snuggle with me for  a little bit after not being with him all day. I love this little boy, he is the sweetest. I haven't taken many pictures, once I get moving faster ill take more with Xavion and Layla. Till next time!

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